Friday, November 6, 2009

Tara's Easy Punch

I put this punch recipe together back in 2005 when I was doing weddings on the Cape Fear Coast. I like it because it’s SUPER basic and you can change it by purchasing a different color/flavor of Hawaiian punch. I used to make this in a 5 gallon punch bowl so this recipe is based on that, but if you are making it in a smaller container just adjust it accordingly.

2 gallons of Tropical Hawaiian Punch (DO NOT USE STOREBRAND!)
2, 2 liters of lemon lime soda (store brand okay)
½ gallon of Raspberry Sherbet (I use the Wal-Mart brand)

Pour liquids into punch bowl. About 15 minutes before consuming add the sherbet in scoops to the punch.

*For Halloween punch just use orange Hawaiian punch and orange sherbet.
*This red one is great for Christmas, but you could make a green version of it too with green Hawaiian punch and green sherbet.
*Need it purple just purchase purple Hawaiian punch and still use the raspberry sherbet.

**I used the red punch version for a holiday party I hosted back in 2007 (pic above).

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