Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mint Chocolate Cookie Crunch

I found this recipe over at Finding Joy in My Kitchen. I am a lover of Andes Mints so I couldn't wait to try it. I decided to cut the recipe in half and still ended up with 50 cookies. They are really good and so easy to make it's sinful!!!

1 bag Andes Mint chips
2.5 bags Hershey's dark chocolate chips
1 carton of Oreo cookies, crushed
4 cups rice cereal

Melt all chocolate together in bowl. Put cookies and rice cereal in a large bowl and pour melted chips over them. Mix everything together well and spoon onto parchment paper. Mine took about 3 hours to set up. Once they were done I popped them into holiday tins with parchment paper between the layers.


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I only buy 1 package of andes mints...that way it forces me to only make one batch ;-) otherwise, there would be trouble.