Friday, November 20, 2009

Amazing Christmas Gift

Dearest Bloggers!

Last year I begged for your help finding a very special Christmas book from my childhood. I had looked and looked for several years for the book, but with little to go on, couldn't find it. Without knowing the name of the book, but just having the general story and a 20 year memory to go on, I knew it was a long shot.

Earlier tonight I happened to give it one more try and to my amazement, I found the book!!!!!!!!! As I type this I have tears in my eyes because I just can't believe my search is finally over! The book is called The Christmas Tree That Grew and it is a Little Golden Book originally published in 1987. I plan on purchasing it and can't wait to finally have this book again. I can promise you it will have a prominent place on my bookshelf and in my heart.

With the year that I've had, this is the absolute best gift I could ever be given. God is so good!


Anonymous said...

woohoo! Great find!I got dragged along to a flea market (what we grew up calling a jockey lot) not long ago & was tickled to see a bunch of stuff that was my childhood. Lot's of familiar toys, games, books & icons from my youth (Dr. Seuss, Muppets, Holly Hobbie). I could have bought it all!
Glad you finally found your little book - you for sure should buy it!!

Linda said...

Tara so happy you found your book. I have a large box of books saved for my girls from their childhood. They loved Bernstein Bears books and of course Sesame Street. I love all the Little Golden Books also. Merry Christmas and enjoy the memories!

Denise said...

Nice find.