Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pedestal Vase

I have FINALLY got my crafting mojo back and completed a project I've had on the right side of my blog for MONTHS! I've got an assortment of shells that I used during my wedding planner days and found a great way to display them in some apothecary jars that my mom got me for Christmas last year.  I needed a bit more height so I created a Pedestal Vase using an 18 inch vase that I already had paired with an old  8 inch candlestick I had as well.  Talk about height!!! It was the perfect addition to the vignette on my hearth.  I'm still working on finding something to put next to the fire poker set on the right since it's so dark you can hardly even see it against the black fireplace and hearth.  Anyhow, I love how it turned out and I'm looking forward to creating several more pedestal vases in the future!


Linda said...

Good job! That looks so good!!! I bet the apartment is really taking shape now!!!

Denise said...

I like it.