Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I was trying to organize some pictures that were sitting in our "Family Photos" file yesterday and happened on this first photo that I couldn't even remember taking. It is of Piper (big brownie) and of Sophie (our puppy) on the day that she came into our lives, February 10th. I was in shock trying to remember that she was actually once so, so small! If you look closely you can see her deformed leg/backside shape...poor thing! The second picture was taken a few months back. You can see now that she's the "tall" dog now!!! As of this week she towers over Piper by at least 9 inches. Sophie turns one later this month. I still can't believe it!!!


Denise said...

They are such cuties.

Reynie said...

Oh my goodness she has grown! Don't you just love to look back and reflect on what sweet little babies they once were.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Lord - she is soooo TINY! That is adorable.