Friday, March 26, 2010


My parent's nine year old black lab mix, Hershey, was outside today "helping" my dad work in his upcoming garden and I couldn't resist heading outside to snap a few photos of her.  She was more than willing to pose for me! I am going to miss her so much when we move!


Audra said...


Hug that sweetie for me. I love Labradors and she is such a darling. I can't wait until my life allows me to have a dog again. I miss the companionship and loyalty of a dog. My cats treat me like staff and are really ok with it. I on the other hand wish I could get a little love from them now and then.

Have a fabulous weekend. So excited that the big move is coming up soon.

Denise said...

Very cute.

Kelly said...

Adorable! Nine years old.. she's getting on up there but looks like she still has so much personality! :-) Nice to finally see a pic of the famous Hershey.